Home Decor

Your home is a reflection of your life.

FAMO:SWISS offers you a world of possibilities to transform and create spaces that guarantee comfort and well-being. Recognising the importance of furnishing a home – the space where you will spend a good part of your life– we are committed to a relationship of trust, and certain that FAMO:SWISS will be the ideal partner to fulfil your dreams for many years to come. Because we want the final result to be everything you have ever wanted, our team will work closely with you to guarantee the quality and attention to detail for which we are known.


Sharing experiences

There is a huge variety of different styles with which to customise a room. At FAMO:SWISS, we create unique products, made with quality materials and created by experienced teams, which is what distinguishes us in the furniture market.


Success begins at home

Achieving good working conditions in comfortable spaces without leaving the home has become a priority. With this in mind, FAMO:SWISS has a line of furniture that respects the basic principle of functionality, which is indispensable in corporate environments.


Designing lives, making dreams come true

FAMO:SWISS transforms small ideas and big projects into functional and welcoming environments. Each element is carefully through and we are astute in our choices. For your dream room, we combine your creativity with our experience.


An appeal to the senses

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of a home! It is mainly a social space, where most meals and family life take place. At FAMO:SWISS you will find the right furniture to make your kitchen truly appeal to the senses.